5 Fruit Trees to Grow for a Year-Round Endless Harvest

5 Fruit Trees to Grow for a Year-Round Endless Harvest

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5 Fruit Trees to grow for an Endless Harvest


There is something special about picking ripe fruit from fruit trees you grew at home. Now wouldn't it be great to enjoy fresh fruit year-round? We are going to go over our favorite citrus, avocado, stone fruit & fig trees that will ensure you have fruit to harvest year round! USDA Grow Zone 9-11 Edition.



1. Improved Meyer Lemon Tree / Bearss Lime Tree: (Year-round) Okay, I know I'm breaking the rules right off the bat by having two varieties here but hear me out: They are a classic duo that I don't have the heart to separate. On one side, you have arguably the best lemon tree around that's perfect for juicing, zesting & cooking. On the other side, you have one of the hardiest lime varieties around that's packed with juice and no seeds. Make your favorite Lemon/Lime cocktails, deserts & Juices. Best of all, both varieties will fruit nearly year-round! Check out our Citrus Growing Tips!



2. Owari Satsuma Mandarin Tree: (Dec - Mar) Start you year off with a sweet, juicy citrus treat that is packed with flavor and nutrients. The seedless and easy to peel variety is a must have for all backyard orchards. This hardy variety  begins to ripen in December and will hang onto fruit into March. Satsuma Mandarins produce overall smaller citrus trees that are easy to maintain with almost no pruning needed. Check out our Citrus Growing Tips!



3. Hass Avocado Tree: (Apr - Sep) Hass is your standard avocado with rich flavor, relatively high oil content and reliable production. This April ripening variety is also has quite a long season with fruit still harvestable through the end of September. Not only will this beautiful tree produce loads of fruit but it will also create an incredible centerpiece for your backyard garden / orchard with their lush foliage. Check out our Avocado Growing Tips!



4. Santa Rosa Plum Tree / Elberta Peach Tree: (Jun - July) Another rule breaker! These two stone fruit trees may not have the longest season but the tasty treats are well worth it. Both are hardy fruit trees that can be grown in much colder climates unlike some of the sub-tropicals on this list. Fall/winter pruning is necessary for these trees to keep them in check and maintain a healthy tree. Check out our Fruit Tree Growing Tips!



5. Brown Turkey Fig Tree: (Aug - Oct) These yummy fruit treats are the gift that keeps on giving. If you are in a warm enough climate, you will get two crops! One in the spring that fruits on the previous seasons growth called the "Breba" crop and a second main crop that ripens from August through October! Fig trees are so easy to grow and are one of few that do exceptionally well grown in a container! This will also have a subtle dwarfing effect on your tree that will keep fruit from growing out of reach. These reasons make Brown Turkey Figs one of the best fruit trees for fall harvest. Check out our Fig Tree Growing Tips!



This list of delicious fruit tree varieties is best suited for USDA Grow Zones 9-11 though some of the hardier varieties like stone fruit and figs can be grown in climates as cold as Zone 7.



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Author: Israel Osuna

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