Misty Blueberry Bush

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  • Misty is one of the most attractive southern high bush varieties.
  • The bright blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the pink and white spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit.
  • The berries are medium to large size and of excellent quality.
  • Growers especially like Misty's evergreen tendency in areas with mild winters.
  • Yields best when planted with other blueberries.
  • Chilling needs are very low (300 hours) but don't hesitate to grow it in the north, all the way to Seattle.


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  • Entry Size Bush measures 12"-18" tall.  It arrives in a 4"x4"x9" pot.
  • Premium Size Bush measures about 18"-30" tall.  It arrives in an 8" pot.





Growing Conditions

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Full Sun

Provide 8 or more hours of direct sunlight per day.

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When planted in the ground, bush will reach 6'-8’ at maturity.

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Misty Blueberries are self-fruitful but yields will be increased with another blueberry plant nearby.

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Summer/ Fall

Season when fruit typically ripens in California

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Hardy to 5 ºF

Protect when temperatures fall below 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Figs go deciduous in the Winter months.