Fig Gift Box

+ Gift Wrapping



The Fig Gift Box Includes:


  • Kadota Fig Fruit Spread by Just Jan's, 10 oz. 
  • Fig Tea Towel, 27" x 27" by Kitchen Billboards
  • Fig Travel Candle by Blithe and Bonny 
  • Fig Hand Cream by Blithe and Bonny 


The gift boxes are heavy duty 9x11" white cardboard mailers packed with crinkle paper. Any breakable items will be securely wrapped to prevent breakage.  The gift box is tied with twine and securely packed inside a shipping box. Each gift box is shipped individually. 

  • Kadota Fig Fruit Spread by Just Jan's, 10 oz. -Just Jan’s Kadota fig spread is all-natural with no preservatives and only 8 grams of sugar per serving. This spread is the perfect complement to a cheese platter or a great way to change up your PB and J. (Retail $7)


  • Fig Tea Towel by Kitchen Billboards- 100% pure, all-natural ring spun cotton - because unlike towels at department stores, our cotton towels love water and just can’t seem to get enough!. Oversized 27” x 27" - because drying big dishes with small towels is the worst. Commercially applied with a commercial-grade heat pressed image - We want you to have the best, but also keep it in-house, personal and unique. Designed and created here in the USA!  (Retail $14)


  • Fig Travel Candle by Blithe and Bonny - Handcrafted with natural soy wax, scented with enduring phthalate-free fragrances or essential oils and lit by a lead-free wick, this eco-friendly candle in a 4oz amber jar with metal lid, will add warmth to any room for at least 15 hours.(Retail $15)


  • Fig Hand Cream by Blithe and Bonny - You only need a little bit of our luxurious, thick hand cream, which comes in a 4oz amber glass jar with a metal lid, to lock in moisture and keep the skin on your hands (and anywhere else on your body) hydrated and super soft with the help of nourishing vitamin E.  (Retail $15)


  • Just Jan's - 

“Jan knew she wanted to make something that was all natural, without artificial ingredients or preservatives. From those humble beginnings Just Jan's was founded. Today Just Jan's is a full line of gourmet fruit spreads and foods, made from recipes created by Jan, and without artificial ingredients or preservatives."


  • Kitchen Billboards- 

"Kitchen Billboards is about celebrating all that goes on in the heart of every home. Inspired by the everyday cook, the worst cook and those who just have a kitchen because it came with the house, Kitchen Billboards will add a new twist to your kitchen decor!"


  • Blithe and Bonny -

"Blithe and Bonny is a small batch bath and body company in Happy Valley, Oregon that gives 10% of profits to save the bees. Since 2009, we have worked hard to hand make beautiful, delicious smelling products with high quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. We are constantly searching out and learning about better, more eco-conscious options and we are always willing and ready to improve our ingredients, packaging, sourcing and processes to do as much as we can to ensure the health of our bodies and our planet."