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Sour Orange

Sour orange trees produce some of the most abundant, fragrant blossoms of all citrus species. They are more cold hardy than sweet oranges, and have been widely used in public and private gardens around the world for centuries.

bouquet_de_fleur_varietyBouquet de Fleurs Sour Orange

An ornamental valued for its massive clusters of intensely fragrant blossoms, attractive dark orange fruit and shiny foliage. Can be used as a shrub or hedge, or in containers for an attractive and fragrant accent plant.Upright foliage with closely spaced rounded leaves is reminiscent of a bouquet.

chinotto_sour_orangeChinotto Sour Orange (Myrtle-Leaf)

Chinotto makes a small but highly decorative ornamental shrub. It is slow growing, with petite closely spaced leaves. It is great for bonsai or container growing. The small sour orange fruit grows in clusters.

Seville Sour Orange

Essential for authentic English marmalade. Also used fresh or dried as a key ingredient or garnish in Middle Eastern cooking.

bergamont_sour_orangeBergamot Sour Orange

An aromatic sour orange, prized for its pungent rind which provides the distinctive flavor of Earl Grey tea. Flowers in spring.

Other orange varieties: