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Principal Lime Varieties

Limes are one of the most varied groups of all citrus species. They can range widely in shape and form from one another, but all are cold sensitive and need to be protected from frost. Fruit stays green in tropical climates, turns yellow when ripe in California.

bearss_limeBearss Seedless Lime (Tahiti/Persian)best_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

True lime. Fruit larger than Mexican lime. Good in cool areas. Year round.

kieffer_limeKieffer Lime (‘Makrut’, Thai Lime)best_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Leaves, zest, and juice are used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian cooking. Zest of bumpy fruit used in curries. Learn more. 

mexican_limeMexican Lime (Key)best_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Small, sometime seedy fruit with genuine tropical flavor year-round. Frost sensitive.

thornless_mexican_limeThornless Mexican Limebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

A pain free version of the Mexican (Key) Lime, the traditional pungently flavored lime preferred for Key Lime pie and certain Mexican drinks. 

mexican_sweet_limeMexican Sweet Limebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Round, thin-skinned fruit is sweet, juicy and nearly acidless. 

palestine_sweet_limePalestine Sweet Limebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Round, medium-sized juicy yellow fruit. Has less sugar and acid than the Bearss Lime. Similar to sweet limes from Mexico, which also originated from the Mediterranean. With its mild flavor and few seeds, it makes a refreshing, cooling drink.

rangpur_limeRangpur Limebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Tart reddish orange fruit is used like lime, although it is a sour Mandarin from India. The overlap of prolific fruit and purple tinged blooms make this a wonderful ornamental tree. Popular in mixed drinks or simply sliced for ice tea.

marie elena  sweet  limeMary Ellen Sweet Limebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Adult trees have spreading habit with bright green foliage, and produce white flowers. Fruits are small with pale greenish rinds at maturity.

Other lime varieties: