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Mediterranean Lemon

These selections are some of the most popular lemons grown in the Mediterranean region. They are prized by chefs and citrus connoisseurs for their distinctive flavor and character.

villafrancaVillafranca Lemon

Said to have been introduced from Sicily around 1875, this variety combines characteristics of both Lisbon and Eureka. Fruit are virtually indistinguishable from Eureka, but winter harvest season corresponds more nearly to Lisbon. Tree shape is similar to Lisbon, but less upright, not as thorny, and with less dense foliage. 

genoa_lemon_varietyGenoa Lemon (Genova) - Italian Lemon

Introduced into California from Genoa Italy in 1875, this variety has similar characteristics to Eureka. In regions of Chile and Argentina where it is grown commercially it is appreciated for its vigorous growth, cold resistance and lush, dense foliage. 

Limoneiro fino Lemon

This winter bearing Spanish variety is a Lisbon type lemon. It is thorny and vigorous, with fruit produced abundantly throughout the tree.

stfSanta Teresa Feminello Lemon

Feminello selections account for nearly 75% of the Italian lemon crop each year, and the Santa Teresa is considered the best of them all.  It is a highly productive variety with fruit of medium size and high acid content.  A great lemon for making Limoncello.

Other lemon varieties: