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Problem Solver: Growing Dwarf Citrus as Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Container-grown citrus trees can be kept on patios and decks in warm weather, then moved inside to avoid frost damage in winter. To avoid shocking your tree with a sudden change of environment, move it gradually. Place the tree in partial shade for a week or so, to make the transition from full sun outdoors to partial sun indoors. It is best to let the roots get a bit dry before moving trees indoors, to ease the transition and reduce the chance of roots staying too wet through the winter.  Later you can reverse this process after any danger of frost has safely passed. You will find that you need to water less indoors. A moisture tester will help prevent over watering. See this page for watering guidelines and recommendations.

If your tree will receive less than 6 hours of full sun per day indoors, it is best to supplement with grow lights. Adequate sun exposure is important for fruit production. See this link for helpful information on grow light systems.  Some customers have reported having good success supplementing with  "PAR-38" LED grow lights.  They are convenient to use because they screw into a common light fixture socket.  They are available in several wattages and roughly match the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll.  


See our Citrus Variety Information Chart for specific cold hardiness information by variety.