Reed Avocado Tree

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  • This creamy fleshed fruit has an excellent flavor that is rich, bold, and nutty.
  • It produces some of the largest fruit of all avocados.
  • The softball-sized fruit has a deep green rind that is slightly pebbly in texture and easy to peel.
  • Fruit size 12-18 oz.
  • Late fruit season typically starting in summer and goes to late fall sometimes early winter.
  • Medium upright tree.
  • Frost sensitive below 32ºF
  • Grafted onto Mexican Seedling rootstock
  • A Type


Protect your tree from sunburn, insects & rodents with PLANT GUARD tree paint & foliar spray.


Protect your roots from rodents with ROOT GUARD the original gopher wire basket. 


Feed your fruit tree with Romeo Plant Food. This water-soluble fertilizer is great for in-ground or in-container growing. 


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    • These trees, measured from the top of the root ball, are 18-36” tall, with a trunk diameter between 1/4-1/2 inch. They are planted in a 5x12" growers pot.
    • Within a month of delivery we suggest repotting into a larger (10"-12" diameter) container or planting directly in the ground. Ultimately, avocado trees will be happiest and most productive when planted in the ground.
    • Like citrus trees, avocado trees appreciate well aerated soil that retains moisture and also drains well.  Provide full sun, regular feeding and good drainage to keep the tree happy and productive.


    Growing Conditions

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    Full Sun

    Provide 8 or more hours of direct sunlight per day.

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    14’-20’ MATURE TREE

    Tree will reach 14'-20' at maturity. Not recommended for container planting.

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    TYPE A

    Reed Avocados are self-fruitful in cooler climates, but fruit yield will be increased with nearby TYPE B avocado trees and/or bee friendly flowers.

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    Spring- Fall

    Season when fruit typically ripens in California

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    Hardy to 32 ºF

    Protect when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.