Use IV ORGANIC Plant Guard to Protect Your Trees

Use IV ORGANIC Plant Guard to Protect Your Trees

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Just like you need sunscreen when you spend all day in the summertime sun, your fruit trees need protection too. IV ORGANICS plant guard does this and much more. Learn about protecting your trees from sunburn, winter sunscald, insects, and rodents below.


The practice of painting your trees is by no means new. There is a lot of talk as to what is okay and not okay to apply to your fruit tree. This is about the organic particle film solution that not only protects your tree from sunburn by reflecting excess light but also uses natural oils, diatomaceous earth, and other natural ingredients to repel harmful pests and insects. The porous mixture also allows the tree to breathe and doesn't trap moisture like other tar and latex-based products.


IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard for trees and shrubs, (such as Fruit & Nut Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs). Used by home gardeners and orchard growers to protect tree trunks and branches from sunburn (summer), sunscald (winter), repel insects and rodents. This product is organic, non-toxic & environmentally safer.

FIRST DEFENSE: Apply IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard to provide a shield against the sun’s harmful rays that cause sunburn during the hottest summer day– as well as sunscald which is caused when the temperature abruptly rises too high during the cold winter months. Both Sunburn and Sunscald cause the tree’s bark to crack and/ or die– resulting in additional stress which gets compounded by insects and parasites that enter the barkless wood– an invasion that will ultimately shorten the tree’s life.

SECOND DEFENSE: Apply IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard to provide a shield against beetles, termites, and other wood-boring, chewing & piercing type insects. Organic & effective time-release defense with 7 natural oils, including castor, cinnamon, clove, garlic, peppermint, rosemary & spearmint oils.

THIRD DEFENSE: Apply IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard to provide a shield that repels most rodents that may gnaw on the tree’s bark. This product contains castor oil, which comes from the Castor Tree Seed, and naturally makes everything coated with this product taste horrible! You can also dilute 1-2 teaspoons of the prepared IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard with a gallon of water to make a foliar sunscreen spray to provide your entire plant with defense to the elements up to 1-2x per year–Ideal at the time of transplanting. Proud Member Of The Organic Trade Association. Registered Material For Use In Organic Agriculture, the color white; colors brown & green pending.

  • Sunscreen For Your Fruit & Nut Trees, Roses & Shrubs

  • Protection From Sunburn (summer) & Sunscald (winter)

  • Repels Most Insects & Rodents

  • Organic Patented Formula

  • Healthier Than Latex Paint & Tar Based Products

  • Colors: White, Green, Brown, Grey, & Greige

  • with Diatomaceous Earth



For the best results, only mix as much paint as you intend to apply. If a 1/2 can of paint is all you need, then reduce the following directions by 50%.


1. Remove can contents: (1) WHITEWASH: Bag of Paint Powder or (2) 3-IN-1 PLANT GUARD: Bag of Paint Powder & Oil Vial(the oil vial contains 5% Castor, 1% Cinnamon, 1% Clove, 1% Garlic, 1% Peppermint, 1% Rosemary & 1% Spearmint oils) which when opened smells great. The oil mix effectively repels insects & rodents from harming your protected plants. 


2. Empty powder contents from the bag into the can. Add only 1/4 cup of water to make a tree paste. Fill can to top to make the brush-on solution with a consistency of 50% diluted paint. Be sure to leave room for stirring.


3. Add the oil vial content [3-IN-1 PLANT GUARD products only].


4. Fill the remainder of the can with water.


5. Stir well every 5-10 minutes while using the product to ensure uniformity of contents while applying product to tree trunks and/ or branches.


6. Apply with a paintbrush. A sprayer may be used if contents filtered through a fine strainer.


1-Pint can will cover at least a dozen young tree trunks (Premium Size) with a single coat.


Both "3-in-1" and "WhiteWash" formulas, pint-size can, may be used to make up to 5 gallons of Ready-To-Use Spray for complete plant protection: including foliage, sunscreen & pest repellent spray. Ideal application at the time of transplanting plants and trees & times of extreme weather. Make a 23oz spray bottle by adding 1/2 to 1/3 teaspoon powder, with 5-10 drops of oil, add water. Filter product through a strainer first, to avoid the possibility of clogging.


Visit for more details on all IV Organic gardening products.






Get in the know about HLB(Huanglongbing / Citrus Greening Disease) and help save your community's citrus. Only source citrus trees from reputable growers.


Particle Films VS HLB: The use of particle films to manage ACP is still being researched. According to a research snapshot from the University of Florida, "Particle films can dramatically reduce the arrival of ACP" by protecting the foliage and tender new growth with a thin physical barrier. The citrus industry has gone to extreme lengths to protect its trees from HLB and the Asian Citrus Psyllid that spreads it. Natural or Organic solutions are almost nonexistent so the news that "natural white and red-dyed kaolin reduced ACP populations by more than 80% as compared to monthly insecticide treatments" is very promising. The world of citrus needs something that is safe and effective for homeowners to use on their trees. We hope that with further research that these particle solutions will save our citrus.


Protect your fruit trees from the hot summer sun, winter cold, pests, and rodents with Plant Gaurd tree paint and foliar spray.


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