Primo DIY Citrus & Fruit Tree Potting Mix Kit

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  • Primo Citrus & Fruit Tree Potting Mix is a 2:1  potting mix that is specially selected to provide the best drainage, water retention, and nutrients to get your new tree started.
  • This blend of Orchid Bark and Palm, Cactus & Citrus Potting Mix is designed for tropical plants and trees.
  • Inspired by the 5:1:1 citrus potting mix, the Do-It-Yourself kit provides the ingredients to make the perfect potting mix for your citrus, fig, guava and other fruit trees.
  • Includes: 2 (8qt) Bags of G&B Orchid Bark & 1 (8qt) Bag of G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus Mix
  • Mix up as much or as little as you like, using the 2 to 1 ratio of 2-parts Orchid Bark and 1-part Palm, Cactus & Citrus Potting Mix.
  • Feed your fruit tree with Romeo Plant Food or G&B Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer to keep your potted tree looking lush and green. This is especially important for high-drainage soil-less mixes like this one.
  • Ships in a 12" x 12" x 12" box


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    Use both bags of Orchid Bark and the full bag of Palm, Cactus & Citrus Planting Mix. Thoroughly combine. This is the perfect amount of potting mix to pot up 3 Entry Size into 3-gallon containers or 2 Primo Size trees into 5-gallon containers.


    Orchid Bark - Forest Bark.

    Palm, Cactus & Citrus Mix- Recycled forest products, pumice, sand, bark fines, composted chicken manure, dehydrated chicken manure, hydrolyzed feather meal, worm castings, kelp meal, bat guano, dolomite & oyster shell limes (as pH adjusters)