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Customer Testimonials

We ship our famous dwarf citrus trees all over the country. Below you'll find a small sampling of our many satisfied customers -- people who were delighted to receive healthy trees in outstanding condition, then delighted again as their new trees flourished. Here are some of the places in America we've served:

“Thank you all so much for the wonderful customer service when I needed advice on trees, it was a big help knowing that the people who are giving answers know what they are talking about.

My Improved Meyer Lemon tree arrived yesterday and could not have been better. The leaves were full and a beautiful dark green. I'm thrilled. I will recommend you to all friends who will now be curious about citrus.

I'll probably be looking for a lime tree in the not too distant future and for my money, it can only come from one place,...Four Winds Growers.”

Thanks again for everything,
BJ Dyer
“Wow! Amazing service. Not only was the shipment delivered amazingly fast, but the dwarf citrus trees were in fantastic shape when they arrived. Your packaging technique is pretty remarkable! You have captured my repeat business for sure! Thank you.”
Michael Mcquerrey
Bakersfield, California
I would like to take a minute to personally thank everyone at Four Winds Growers for the absolutely beautiful limequat tree that I received today. I ordered this tree as a replacement for one that my girlfriend bought me for Christmas form a local nursery, which really was nothing more then a stick in a pot. (now sadly it's quite literally a stick in a pot)
Your 2-3 year old tree, on the other hand, looks great. It has many new branches, lots of flowers, and even a small limequat growing on it already. To tell the truth it puts the Meyer lemon (that I also got from the local nursery) to shame.
Your shipping is fantastic. It only took 2 days to arrive here, and cast about a third of what a grower in Georgia quoted me.
I would just like to say thanks again, and that I'm sure I'll be ordering another tree from you soon.
Jeffery LaFaille
New London, Connecticut
Hi! I just wanted to let you know how impressed and happy I am with the 2-3 year Moro blood orange tree I received today. It arrived in beautiful condition... bushy and full with plenty of dark green leaves. Before I discovered Four Winds Growers on the Internet, I had ordered a Satsuma orange from another nursery. It was basically a long stick with a few leaves at the top. I've struggled to nurse it to health ever since. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to receive a beautiful, healthy tree from Four Winds Growers. You obviously take pride in what you do and it shows in the quality of your trees. Thank you for sending such a nice tree.
Newtown, Connecticut
Four Winds,

I received the two Kaffir Lime trees from you today. The shipping packaging is very professional and the trees arrived in excellent condition. The plants appear to be quite robust and healthy and I am very happy with your service.
Dear Four Winds Growers,

I ordered a 2 year old Variegated Pink Lemon and Seville Sour Orange. They arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I have never had a citrus plant I ordered arrive with such vigorous growth, yet be so carefully packed. Keep up the good work!
Hi Toby, this is Jim Anderson from Honolulu.

Wanted to let you know that I received my three dwarf citrus trees on Wednesday....pretty fast delivery and all arrived in excellent shape. Also wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the quality of the plants. I was very pleased with the Murcott when I opened that box (you guys sure have the packaging thing down!!!), but I must say, the Dancy and Clementine trees were absolutely outstanding both in their foliage and their structure. Like perfect mini-trees! Two are going in the ground today and one is going in a two-gallon pot for planting in about three to four months.

Have a great day.
Aloha Jim.
Jim Anderson
Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi Kerry,

Just wanted to let you know that the eureka that you sent last week /arrived safe and sound and is doing well!!!!
I can tell already that by planting it in an 8x8" pot instead of a 10x12" has made a world of difference...the soil is drying out twice as fast and that will eliminate the chance of root rot that has happened with the last dozen or so citrus that I've purchased through Toby and Mary or transported home from Palm Desert, CA....
It makes sense, that because we don't always have the daily warmth/sunshine back here in Illinois, to minimize the chance of standing in wet soil too long. By adding some pea-size pumice to the soil/redwood shavings and planting in a much smaller container, the root system will get a quick drink with rapid drainage and then the soil will dry out much faster for the roots to go searching for what available water is left in the pot...I also used a 3/4" wood bit and drilled extra holes in the bottom and sides of the smaller container...this insures proper drainage and airing out...
It's amazing that in about 3-4 days, the soil now tests at a "1" on the moisture meter!!! I think I have it finally figured out....the container size for the 2-3 yr root balls had been fouling me up....I always used a 10x12 that was indicated on the sheet with the plants...by dropping back to an 8x8", there's enough soil to grow, yet not enough for the roots to stand and rot....it will be easy to see when the tree becomes root bound and that will be the next size to plant up...
This tree's leaves really look healthy and it arrived without any major shake-ups, unlike the last tree that got nipped (during our spring warm-up) in UPS transit with that crazy week of sub freezing temps back here...
Again, many thanks to you for sending the replacement....also my warmest wishes to Toby and Mary. and the family...
Warmest, warmest regards...and again, many thanks Kerry for caring and the great customer service that you and FourWinds show your loyal customers...
Your Illinois citrus friend,

AL Willcoxen

Later he wrote:
My eureka and oro blanco trees are doing grand!!!!! I have lemons and grapefruits that are about the size of tennis balls; by repotting in much smaller containers and adding pea-size pumice to the soil, the soil is just right for drying out quickly!!! Plus, I use only collected rain water on the plants so there is no salt build-up in the soil or required leaching!!! That's a plus when it comes to watering here in the midwest..."God-given" rain droplets that the plants can all enjoy (smile)...
Keep in touch...I'm finally producing lemons!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warmest wishes,
AL Willcoxen
Canton, Illinois
I got two trees from you last spring, a Meyer lemon and a Lime tree. Both have done very well and I just recently picked two Lemons that were great tasting. The lime tree was only two years old and it had a bunch of flowers but it did not hold the fruit. Now both trees have tons of new growth and lots of blossoms with fruit starting. We all love the trees, the quality is excellent and would highly recommend Four Winds to anybody. Growing Citrus Trees and getting fruit in Chicago is easy! Thank You!
Chicago, Illinois
I have always been interested in growing citrus. The deep green glossy leaves make for a real attractive plant. One day, I decided that I would like to "throw my hat into the citrus growing arena." I started to search the Internet for any information about growing citrus as a house plant. I stumbled across Four Winds Growers' web site. They have a slogan, "We don't sell trees, we sell satisfaction."

I ordered a one-year old Trovita Orange tree. The ordering process was a breeze and the web site contained tons of helpful growing instructions. The tree arrived in great condition. It came in its own pot and the leaves were green and full of life. I have seen other trees shipped as dried up twigs, so I was pleasantly surprised when Four Winds Growers sent me a live plant. I have been caring for the tree, as per the instructions and am being rewarded with lots of dark green glossy growth. In fact, I wake every morning to find new growth. The tree also fills the room with a fragrant aroma. Imagine your room smelling like freshly peeled oranges. I'm anxious to see the big fragrant flowers and fruit appear. It is such a joy to watch it grow. I invite everyone to enjoy citrus trees from Four Winds Growers.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hi Four Winds,

Just wanted to update you on how my four babies are doing. Well, they are all thriving. I have beautiful sweet smelling blossoms on three of my trees, my lemon, my lime and my grapefruit. My orange doesn't have any blossoms on it yet even though it is very green & lush but I have hope that if will follow the others someday soon. I also have actual little lemons & limes on the limbs right now and they are about 1 1/2 inches long and are bright green. My house smells so wonderful and sweet that when people come over they say "What is that awesome smell, it's nothing like I have ever smelled before?" and I then show & tell them about my precious little dwarf citrus trees.

People are amazed that I am growing them in my dining room and that they came from California across the country to this little town of Swansea in Massachusetts and are absolutely gorgeous. As a matter of fact one of my friends just ordered two trees from Four Winds and she lives in Fall River, Massachusetts, a neighboring city to the town of Swansea and she adores her trees as well. I can't help but spread the news about Four Winds Growers.

You send people such fine quality products that you put the trust back in our minds again and enable us to not fear buying from growers because the outcome is exactly what Four Winds professes to grow. Even your pamphlet is extremely helpful if you have any questions or problems, not to mention the fact that you can simply call or e-mail any concerns that you have regarding the care & maintenance of your trees and then get a very helpful & quick response back. I just love Four Winds. It is a pleasure to have these four beautiful trees in my own home and be able to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. Thank you so much and God bless America!
Swansea, Massachusetts
You guys are a class act. I have mail ordered a ton of plants and I have NEVER received such a professionally packed shipment. I was flabbergasted at the quality. These plants arrived in excellent shape. There was no way that the soil would be dislodged or the plant knocked about. I will tell everyone about your operation. It's fabulous!!!!! I mean every word. I was blown away. I suspected that you guys would be great but you are over the top.
Maureen Van Hoven
Jenison, Michigan
Dear Four Winds,

I received my order of one Eureka lemon tree and one Robertson Navel orange tree approximately one week ago. I bought the 2-3 year old trees and had them shipped UPS (and they were absolutely worth the price, by the way). I was completely dumbfounded at the excellent shape of both the trees when they arrived.

I had ordered a lemon tree from a different company about 5 years ago. I received a dead-looking twig in the mail. I still have the tree and it's still alive, but it has never bloomed. Anyway, I lowered my expectations for these trees so I wouldn't be disappointed, but I still kind of hoped they would at least look like they were alive. I have to say, these trees were unbelievable. They were both green, full and loaded with new growth. I potted them both immediately and got them in a southern exposure window right away. The lemon tree already has 13 flowers budding out! The orange tree has tons of new growth but I can't tell yet if it will be leaves or flowers.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with both of these trees and the excellent, courteous service I received from everyone that I dealt with at Four Winds Growers. You have delivered service and product way beyond expectation.

I am, at this moment, trying to figure out where I could possibly make room for another tree in my house, Because when I do, I will be ordering a lime tree also. I'll be in touch!

Thank you,

Dr. Valerie J. Cox
Dr. Valerie J. Cox
Gering, Nebraska
To the family at Four Winds Growers,

Thank you. After finding you on the Web, I ordered a 2-3 yr old Valencia Orange Tree. It came when promised and I was thrilled to see a green healthy tree that had been carefully prepped for the 3000 mile journey to Upstate New York. My 3 year old daughter and I transplanted it outside (a day above freezing here in February is something to enjoy and it keeps the floors cleaner.)

I treated it as you recommended, gave it southern exposure inside, and waited. It's been about four weeks. The tree has sent out many new branches and has literally dozens of buds, some of which are opening. The perfume is as heady as tropical wine. My 3 year old daughter looks at the tree every morning to see what has changed since the day before.

I'm delighted. The treatment I received from you has been excellent, ranging from knowledgeable and enthusiastic people answering my questions, to literature guidance, to delivery as promised of what turned out to be a superb example of quality nursery goods at what seems to be an extremely reasonable price given its exotic nature. It may not be exotic to you, but blossoming dwarf citrus trees halfway between New York City and Montreal are certainly not an everyday commodity!
Gerry S
Albany, New York
Dear Four Winds Growers,

I ordered a Meyer Lemon tree this past February. It was shipped 3 day UPS to my door; safely protected in its' box. We immediately potted it and, within 2 weeks, it was in full bloom. The aroma was wonderful and it filled the entire room for several weeks. Nearly all of the blooms took to fruit.

Now it is mid May and our little tree has eight beautiful lemons on it that are about 1/3 mature. Now that I know how to water her, I expect to keep more fruit next year. I am extremely happy with my lemon tree and with Four Winds Growers for providing the documentation that helped us to care for her.

The history of Four Winds Growers is a piece of Americana that, I'm glad to say, my family and me are now a part of. Today, I used the new on-line order form to purchase a Robertson Navel Orange tree and I can't wait for her to arrive.

Thank You, Four Winds Growers, for your wonderful trees.
Paul Z.
Buffalo, New York
I must say: I am nothing but impressed with the Meyer Lemon tree I bought from you. The tree arrived at my apt on 12/21 and it already has flowers! I was skeptical that it would work at all--I live in a ground level apt with three windows and since the tree arrived in NYC in December I didn't get my hopes up. But so far everything has worked perfectly--I'm looking forward to the lemons I'll have in June! Thanks for all the support and for answering all of the questions.
Charles H. Antin
New York City, New York
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the little trees I bought in the Spring. They have settled into their pots and responded to a little TLC (they LOVE a few drops of fish emulsion and chelated minerals in their water) by pushing out new branches AND blooming and setting up lots of new fruit! The 1-year kumquat snapped right out of the juvenile chlorosis and is pouring on the lush green growth and has fruit all up and down it's branches! The 3-year lime arrived with 8 tiny limes already on it, and has plumped those up and added at least a dozen more tiny ones. Both trees are still blooming and setting fruit! Is it safe to allow so much fruit to remain on these babies? Anyway, I thought you hard-working folks at Four Winds would like to hear how very well your trees are doing here in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for all your help and support!

Marilyn Pardes

Later she wrote:
The fruit we have enjoyed from our production-happy lime tree is the BEST we have ever tasted! The limes are very juicy and of full size. The flavor is superb.
Thanks again.
Marilyn Pardes
Portland, Oregon
Dear Four Winds Growers,

I received my three trees today and was delighted to find lush green blossoming trees, including a kumquat loaded with fruit. They were so well-packed that only one tiny end of a branch was broken, while all of the fruit on the kumquat was intact (not quite ripe, but delicious anyway). Thank you so much, I have told many of my fellow workers about your site and they are also going to order. It is such a treat to have citrus in Oregon, now I want a whole orchard of citrus! Many thanks.
Salem, Oregon
Hey Guys,

My Meyer lemon and Trovita orange trees have taken root in their new homes and are doing great. The Trovita has come into bloom and had a zillion buds but I shook most of them off so it could put its energy into root development and leaf growth. It has still got a hundred or so and my greenhouse is smelling really great these days!!! The Lemon is taking a little longer to get settled in but it is sending out new leaves so no problem. The orange is just so exuberant and is growing like a weed that it makes the lemon seem a little tardy!!!!
Thank you so very much for your work to make citrus available for the home grower. Your efforts to use quality dwarfing rootstock with excellent bud wood has opened up a whole new world of growing for gardeners in colder climates. I especially would like to commend your cultural practices that creates a healthy, vigorous plant that grows with practically no fussing from the gardener. Keep up the good work.
Ken Patty
Chest Spring, Pennsylvania
I had emailed a while back about some Variegated Calamondin Questions and I had ordered one about two weeks ago and received it last week. I planted the tree and it is now stable and I just wanted to let you know it is wonderful. I am very happy with it and I was surprised at the amount of fruit that was on it when it arrived. Like you had mentioned previously, it is a very cute tree and it is exactly what I had in mind. Overnight, one of the three buds that was on it bloomed and I absolutely love the smell of it. I just wanted to let you know that all is well, it was a pleasure doing business with Four Winds and I will look forward to getting another tree in the future. Thank you again for your responses to my questions and aiding in me picking out the perfect tree!

Have a great day!
Shannon Horn
Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
Dear Toby Seeger and staff,

Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the little lemon tree. It arrived here to the mountains of central Pennsylvania in great shape. It looks so happy and loved. I really appreciate all the care that went into nurturing this little living thing, on your end. Also glad to get all the instructions sheets. Thanks so much.
Marianne Sawicki
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
I just have to tell you, you guys just don't get any better. Your website is AWESOME! It has so much information not only on the trees, but how to care for them and even pictures to show what they are going to look like. Then, like five minutes after I place the order, I get a response. I'm impressed and I don't even have the tree yet!
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Thank you very very much for all the advice. I got my trees yesterday. They look great, even one of them has tons of flowers and tiny fruit on it. My room smells great! I am planting them tonight and they will join the rest of the family. I did expect that the trees will look great, but I did not expect they will look SO GOOD! Incredible! You can rely on me buying more from you some time soon.

Later she wrote:
By the way, the Buddha's Hand is now blooming like crazy and I have already eaten two tiny ripe Calamondin oranges. The lime is putting out a lot of new growth as well.
South Carolina
Dear Sir or Madam,

I received my lemon tree via UPS yesterday, right when you said I would. I thought the skinny box was way too small and fleetingly wondered whether all those customer reviews had been lying. But sure enough, it was just what the others had said: beautiful, green and protected for transport. The information you enclosed was very helpful and I went right out to the garden store to pick up pebbles, potting soil, fertilizer and a pot. It is now in its new home, loosely tied to a stake and I'm thrilled.

I've already spread the word about this to my friends and family. We tend to use lemons a lot in our Greek cooking and the notion of just picking the fruit off our own tree is tantalizing. I look forward to watching this Meyer Lemon flower and bear fruit.

Thanks so much for everything,
Sarah K.
Morrisville, Vermont
Customer Service/Four Winds Growers,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say the order arrived one day early with the trees in the best condition I have ever received from a mail order nursery.
I planted all four trees into containers last night with a blossom appearing already this morning and bumble bees having fun with the pollen.
Thank you very much for your product and service.
Jim Early
Arlington, Virginia
Dear Mary Helen & Four Winds Growers,

Thank you so much for helping to make my Mom's birthday bright! She absolutely loves her dwarf Meyer lemon tree and was especially thrilled that it arrived with blossoms on it as well as it being such a beautiful specimen. Many thanks also for hearing and answering my plea for specially expedited order fulfillment. It was very generous of you to honor my quick turn-around request. We will be looking forward to enjoying our Four Winds tree for many years to come and thank you again for helping to make a birthday so happy.
H. Wallace
Seattle, WA

My wife and I were in complete amazement when we opened our new Washington orange tree. We live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and are unable to purchase anything local of this quality. We are seasoned indoor and outdoor fruit and vegetable growers and are truly looking forward to this new addition. Never ordered a tree online, but we are from this point on turning to you folks for any of our citrus needs. The box was packaged with complete professionalism and care. It arrived without a scratch and there sat a citrus with absolute beauty. The paperwork is top notch and everything is as close to perfect as is gets. We would like to extend our thanks and hope to order more soon.
Josh & Meagan
Woodland Park, Colorado