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Upcoming Events

April 22
Fabulous Containers, workshop with Charmain Giuliani, 10 am to 3
pm, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society. Fee $35, plus materials fee;
pre-registration required.

April 30
4th Annual Going Native Garden Tour, self-drive tour of
water-wise gardens featuring native plants in Santa Clara Valley and the
Peninsula, 10 am to 4 pm, sponsored by Santa Clara Valley Chapter, California
Native Plants Society. Free; register at

Your Family Tree

Check out how other folks are "relating" to their citrus trees on our Your Family Tree page. Share your story with us for a chance to win a tree of your choice!

Arrived in Excellent Shape

“I was very pleased with the Murcott when I opened that box (you guys sure have the packaging thing down!!!), but I must say, the Dancy and Clementine trees were absolutely outstanding both in their foliage and their structure. Like perfect mini-trees!”

Jim Andersen
Honolulu, Hawaii

About Four Winds Growers

Dwarf Citrus from Four Winds Growers: We produce smaller trees with delicious, full-sized fruit for your garden

Have you clicked on our home page because the thought of Citrus brought back memories of a vacation in California? How about the aroma of Orange Blossoms in a wedding bouquet or your neighbor’s garden? You may be looking for that special gift to celebrate a life passage.  Or perhaps you are already a satisfied grower of citrus trees, and would like one or two more for your yard or apartment!

60 years ago, our visionary founder, Floyd Dillon had you in mind when he began propagating and growing quality Dwarf Citrus Trees. He thought the gardening world needed far more choices than just the little Calamondin (Kalamansi/miniature orange) available from Florida.

Through the years, our four generation, family-owned  nursery continues the tradition. We now grow over 250,000 quality Dwarf Citrus Trees for containers and home gardens each year. The joy of citrus growing appears to be not only hereditary, but also contagious!  You too can glory in achieving that satisfying feeling, “I grew this myself!”

We remain committed to Floyd’s vision of helping you learn how to grow and share the joy of citrus cultivation. Our family tradition endures: “We grow more than just trees, we deliver satisfaction.”  Read more about Our Family Tradition and History.

Enjoy perusing our site of over 60 varieties of fine Citrus trees, including a selection of rare and unusual Citrus that may not yet be available in retail nurseries.

Evergreen Dwarf Citrus Trees produce fragrant flowers, followed by full-sized citrus fruit. Carefully hand-grafted, our trees are well suited to growing in containers or as houseplants. They can also be planted in the ground in suitable climates. One of our most popular varieties, the Dwarf Meyer Lemon, is also well suited for indoor growing. Other favorites are Kieffer Lime, Bearss Lime, Mexican (Key) Lime and Sweet Lime.

Our Edible Ornamentals are available in California nurseries and garden centers. These include not only Citrus, but also Avocado, Blueberry, Cane Berry, Fig, Grape, Jujube, Multi-grafted Deciduous fruit trees, Olive, Persimmon, and Pomegranate. See Fruits and Berries to learn more about the varieties we have available, and their care.

Online Citrus Problem Solver

Have a question, or trying to solve a growing problem? Use our online problem-solver. We’ve put our 60 years of experience at your fingertips for instant answers.