Four Winds Growers Customer Questions

Four Winds Growers Customer Questions

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Here are some answers to commonly asked customer support questions here at Four Winds Growers.


Can I pick up my trees at the Four Winds Growers Nursery?

No, we are a wholesale and mail order nursery only, and are not set up for customer pick up.


What do I do if an item says SOLD OUT on your website?

If an item is sold out and you would like to be notified when it is available, please fill out the NOTIFY ME field with your email. The exact ready date of varieties is not available at this time. 

What are Four Winds Growers business hours?
Business hours for the customer service mailbox are Monday-Friday 9 am-5
pm PST. We will do our best to fulfill your request in a timely manner.


How long will it take for my citrus tree to fruit?

Generally, a grafted citrus tree will start to fruit around year 4-5, with proper care.

The entry size is around a year old and the primo size is around 2 years old.


What if my order is a gift? 

There is a gift box icon that you can click on the product page to indicate that your order is a gift. A box will pop up for you to add a gift message. Another option is to email us at cs@fourwindsgrowers with your order number and gift message and we will include it on a gift invoice with no prices.


Do you grow anything organic?

We no longer grow organic citrus as it became cost prohibitive. Although we do use the lowest toxic methods as possible to produce the tree in terms of pesticides, we do use conventional fertilizer and soil. If you choose to grow the tree organically yourself, by the time it fruits it will be essentially an organic fruit.


 Are your trees Non-GMO?

Yes, they are.


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