5 Reasons to Grow Blueberries

5 Reasons to Grow Blueberries

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5 Reasons to Grow Blueberries

Growing and harvesting blueberries is a rewarding summertime hobby that can be shared with family and friends, young and old. The tasty little berries have been grown and foraged in North America for centuries. Here are 5 reasons why you should grow blueberries at home:


  1. Makes for a Unique Indoor Plant: I'm sure it's no surprise that most people grow blueberries outside, but what may shock you is that Blueberries make excellent indoor plants as well! Sunshine Blue Blueberries are the go-to "dwarf" blueberry bush growing up to about 3', and their light pink flowers will brighten up your space. This beautiful performance of flowers is quickly followed by up to dime-sized fruitlets in the summer. Sunshine is one of few self-fruitful varieties, making it the obvious choice for an indoor plant. These berries make the perfect gift for someone who wants a little taste of freshness in their home. Just be sure to pick a nice sunny window to grow blueberries and follow our Blueberry Growing Guide.


  1. Numerous Health Benefits: If you google the health benefits of blueberries, the long list of diseases and ailments that blueberries are said to cure is overwhelming. All of which is derived from the fact that blueberries are packed with Antioxidants, Fiber, Vitamins K & C, and Anthocyanins. This nutritional fruit may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing blood pressure, works as an anti-inflammatory, and the reduction in oxidative damage is said to increase brain function. Anthocyanin not only responsible for the attractive blue pigment that gives the Misty Blueberry, but it also lowers your overall risk of cardiovascular disease.


  1. Easy to Grow: Blueberries have a reputation for being picky plants. This just isn't true. Once you set them up, regular watering, feeding, and annual pruning are all you need(pretty much the same as any fruiting plant). Pick soil mix with lots of peat moss to take care of the PH in the soil, it will add organic matter that breaks down over time and will hold onto lots of water making the perfect growing environment for these terrific fruits. Oneal Blueberry is known to be one of the most flavorful blueberries there is. The medium-large fruit is dark blue and looks as good as it tastes against the grey-green summer foliage. Keep in mind that it is recommended to grow at least two different varieties for the best pollination rates.


  1. Great for Cooking: The Reveille Blueberry is among the best with its balanced sweet, tart flavor and excellent crisp texture. This makes the blueberry a wonderful specimen for fresh eating, baking into your favorite muffin or scone recipe, reducing into delicious sauces or jams, and muddled into tasty cocktails.


  1. Grow a Living Food Wall: Blueberries can be grown as beautiful food walls. While most varieties of blueberry will make a great hedge Pink Lemonade blueberry, in particular, produces a stunning hedge of green and red. This variety also has one of the longest harvest times of any blueberry in our collection. Some have been known to harvest from July straight through to December. It is a bit of a novelty variety but if you let the fruit hang long enough, it packs a very unique sweet lemon berry flavor.


Growing Blueberries is such a treat. Southern Highbush varieties, and their low chill requirements, it's now possible for our growers in warmer climates to enjoy the fresh-tasting superfood right from your own backyard. Varieties like Southmoon, Star, Emerald, Jewel, Jubilee, & Sharpblue are all southern highbush berries ready to spice up your backyard.




Check out Growing Blueberries for more information!


Author: Israel Osuna




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