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How Our Trees Look When Shipped

This image shows how our trees look at the time of shipping. Trees will come packaged in a 4X9(Entry) 5x12(Choice) or a #3(Premium) Gallon Container. We are no longer shipping bareroot.


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Your Family Tree

Check out how other folks are "relating" to their citrus trees on our Your Family Tree page. Share your story with us for a chance to win a tree of your choice!

Purchasing Our Trees

Order Trees Online
Our trees can be shipped safely via mail order, except to the citrus-producing states of Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Where to buy in California
Our trees are widely available in nurseries and garden centers. Ask for Four Winds Growers Citrus by name.

Growing Citrus as Houseplants

Believe it or not, you can easily grow a happy, healthy, and productive citrus tree indoors! Key elements for success are good light, adequate humidity indoors in the
winter, well-drained
potting soil, additional
nutrients, and
consistent watering.



Growing Citrus in a Greenhouse/Solarium

Most citrus can be grown and fruited in greenhouses or solariums. Simulate a subtropical environment by keeping temperatures between 55°-95°F, with some humidity.

Midsummer shading in a greenhouse may be necessary to hold temperatures below 100°F. Shade cloth may be helpful to reduce greenhouse temperatures when draped over the structure.

Conversely if winter conditions are excessively dark and the resources allow, consider supplementing with grow lights. If your growing space receives at least 5-6 hours of full direct sun per day, supplementing with full spectrum bulbs or fluorescent plant lights can help trees perform well. IF, however, the space provides less than 5 hours per day of direct, full sun, more sophisticated grow light systems may be necessary. ACF Greenhouses is a good online source for helpful information about grow light systems.

Further cultivation information and planting tips can be found on our container page.