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Problem Solver: Yellow Foliage

Yellowing foliage usually indicates either a lack of fertilizer or overwatering.  Continued overwatering will cause root tips to rot, rendering the tree unable to take up nutrients. Total defoliation can result if the problem is not corrected.

Cut back on watering to the recommended rates, and be sure to fertilize appropriately.

Citrus are heavy feeders and require a constant steady source of Nitrogen, especially to look good and be productive.  Make sure you fertilize regularly according to label directions with a quality citrus/avocado fertilizer.  Make sure the ratio of any fertilizer you use has a higher amount of Nitrogen, relative to the other two elements.  A 3:1:1 or 4:1:1 (N:P:K) fertilizer, plus trace elements is ideal.

For lemon trees in particular, some yellowing and drop of interior leaves is normal. Lemon trees can grow very vigorously, and benefit from some judicious pruning to keep them bushy. New branches will form where you cut.  See pruning guidelines here.