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How Our Trees Look When Shipped

This image shows how our trees look at the time of shipping. Trees will come packaged in a 4X9(Entry) 5x12(Choice) or a #3(Premium) Gallon Container. We are no longer shipping bareroot.


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Your Family Tree

Check out how other folks are "relating" to their citrus trees on our Your Family Tree page. Share your story with us for a chance to win a tree of your choice!

Sincere, heart-felt praise!

“I ordered a Midknight Valencia dwarf citrus tree for my sister for Valentine's Day.  The tree arrived in a timely manner, and was wrapped with such care, I knew the tree inside would be perfect. It's been two months now and following the instructions you provided has rewarded us with magnificent foliage, and we are seeing a lot of buds!  Thank you for growing such lovely citrus trees.  Your quality is outstanding, and being 3rd generation hard-core gardeners, we're a picky bunch so I don't swoon this easily over just any 'ol nursery.  You have my business indefinitely.'"

Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions: Ordering and Shipping


Do you ship citrus trees directly to consumers?

Yes!  We can ship grafted Dwarf Citrus directly to your home or business. In California, our product line is more extensive and can be found by visiting many local nurseries and garden centers. See Where to Buy in California.

How old are the trees when they ship?

We currently offer two main tree sizes: A one year old tree in  a 4" x 10" pot, or a bare-rooted two-three year old tree which comes out of a 3.4 gallon size (12” diameter, aka "#5") nursery pot, and ships bare-rooted in moist shavings.  Our newest tree size offering: the "Two Year old" tree will ship in a 5" x 12" pot of soil.  These are still in production and will be added to our offerings as they become available. See a photo comparing the two sizes.

What is the difference between the two main tree sizes?

Most One Year old trees ship in a 4" x 4" x 10" container with soil mix.  They generally are about 12" tall (measured from the based of the trunk) with about a 3/8" diameter trunk. The Three year old trees are taller, are well branched and have a much larger root system. They have been grown in a 12” container and are about 24" tall, measured from the base of the trunk. These trees have a trunk that can range between 1/2" and 3/4" in diameter. The canopy width will range from 9-12".  Our newest tree size offering: the "Two Year old" tree will ship in a 5" x 12" pot of soil.  These are still in production and will be added to our offerings as they become available.  See a photo of the difference between the two sizes.

What do I need to do when I receive my One Year tree?

Open the package as soon as possible and check the moisture in the soil. Place in a well lighted location. Water as needed to maintain moist but not overly saturated roots. It is best to repot the tree into a larger container (~10" diameter) within a month of delivery to give the roots more room to grow.

What do I need to do when I receive my Three Year tree?

Three Year trees are carefully bare rooted and their roots packed in a bag with damp wood shavings. Gently shake off some of the shavings and separate the trunks, roots and foliage. Orders with multiple trees will arrive bundled and may appear as one plant! Plant in the ground if climate permits or in a container with adequate drainage holes. Avoid dense soil mixes or lighten them with wood shavings.  Pot each tree in a 12"-14" diameter container with sufficient holes for ample drainage. Tie the tree to the stake provided for support. Do not tie too tightly and use horticultural ribbon if possible. Water the tree immediately after planting, using Vitamin B-1 rooting tonic if desired.  Don’t plant in an excessively large container such as a half wine barrel, as this will tend to waterlog the root system and cause unnecessary stress.

What else do I need to know about ordering?

Please provide accurate information in case the shipper or Four Winds Growers needs to contact you regarding the shipment. We will not otherwise contact you or share your information with anyone. The order is entered on a secure server so your personal information and credit card number can not be viewed by a third party.

When do you ship?

We ship every MONDAY, and on some Tuesdays (at our discretion) during the busy season.  This insures arrival of your trees before the weekend.

Is it safe to order online using a credit card?

Yes, it is. We have a secure credit card processing system with strict encryption procedures. We accept Visa and Mastercard. You are also welcome to pay for your order by check or money order.

What is the cost?

Proceed to the order page to see pricing on trees, including quantity discounts, as well as size and varieties currently available.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

It varies by the size and quantity of the trees and also depends on the shipping method and destination. You will see shipping options and pricing as you proceed through the Check Out process..You will be able to review the shipping and handling costs before deciding to place your order.

Can I request a specific ship date?

You can order up to 4 weeks in advance, and select your desired Monday ship date.  Note that during the busy season we may also ship on Tuesdays, at our discretion.  Orders to the West usually arrive in two days, while Midwest and East Coast orders usually arrive by Thursday or Friday.

What if I want RUSH Service?

Outside of California, you can request UPS 2 Day Air Rush Service for an additional charge.  Rush Service orders are generally received one day earlier than our regular shipments.  On a Rush Service Order with trees, the non-tree items may still be shipped via USPS- Priority Mail.

What about Cold Weather Shipping?

During winter months we ship to cold weather states at our discretion.  Options for Winter shipping include USPS Priority Mail and UPS 2nd Day Air Service.  If warranted we may secure a heating device in the box with your tree to ward off freezing temperatures in transit.

Can you ship to every state?

We can ship citrus trees throughout the US except for Arizona, Texas and Florida. Each citrus producing state, including California, prohibits importation of citrus trees from other citrus growing areas. Customers from Arizona, Texas and Florida can order non-tree Citrus Related Items here. We do not ship any items to the Virgin Islands, USVI, Guam, Puerto Rico or to API/APO addresses, or to other countries at this time.

What about Alaska and Hawaii?

Due to Agriculture restrictions, we ship only the bare rooted Three Year old trees to Hawaii, via USPS Priority Mail.  Alaska customers may select UPS 2nd Day Air or USPS shipping options.

How do I know when my order is shipped?

A UPS Tracking Number or UPS Priority Mail notice will be sent to the e-mail address provided for the recipient. Please be sure that a viable email address is included with your order.  USPS mainly offers delivery confirmation.  UPS packages can be tracked during their journey at UPS Package Tracking.

What if I have additional instructions regarding my order?

Please send an e-mail request to cs@fourwindsgrowers.comPlease reference your order number for faster service.

How are the trees packed when shipped?

One Year old  trees are shipped in 4" x 10” or 4" x 6" plastic pots, in soil, and come one to a box. If you order more than one tree, the boxes will be taped together to form one package.

Three Year old trees can be packaged with either 1 or 2 trees in one box. When bundled together, the roots and leaves may appear as one tree. Gently separate the trees before planting.  Use the shavings to lighten your soil mix when planting.

Will they arrive in good condition?

A: We pack them with utmost care and have had great success in shipping. If your tree is damaged in transit, or arrives in poor condition for any reason, we will replace it. Please contact us immediately if there is a problem. We use our discretion for winter shipment to avoid freezing in transit.

What is your replacement policy?

We replace trees that are damaged in shipping or arrive in poor condition. We guarantee that our citrus trees will be healthy and free of disease when we send them. We provide detailed growing instructions online and also include a How to Grow booklet with every order, so you have all the information you need to be successful. We are also available for phone support.  We promptly replace trees that arrive in poor shape, however it is up to you to provide an adequate growing environment for success.