Rangpur Semi-Dwarf Lime Tree

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  • Rangpur Limes, a mandarin-citron cross, originated in the area of Rangpur, Bangladesh, and in India they are called “gandhraj”, meaning King of Fragrance.
  • They are also known as Mandarin-Lime, Lemandarin and Canton-Lime in China.
  • The fruit is small, sour, and turns orange at maturity. You can use them to make marmalade, as a substitute for limes, or to craft excellent cocktails.
  • Tart reddish-orange fruit is used like lime, although it is a sour Mandarin from India.
  • The overlap of prolific fruit and purple-tinged blooms make this a wonderful ornamental tree.
  • Popular in mixed drinks or simply sliced for ice tea. 
  • December ripening. 
  • Grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock.
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  • By law, we cannot ship citrus trees to Texas, Arizona or Florida.


Protect your tree from sunburn, insects & rodents with PLANT GUARD tree paint & foliar spray.


Protect your roots from rodents with ROOT GUARD the original gopher wire basket. 


Feed your fruit tree with Romeo Plant Food. This water-soluble fertilizer is great for in-ground or in-container growing. 


Get in the know about HLB(Huanglongbing / Citrus Greening Disease) and help save your community's citrus. Only source citrus trees from reputable growers.




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Each citrus-producing state, including California, prohibits the importation of citrus trees from other citrus growing states. Therefore due to agricultural restrictions, we cannot ship citrus trees to Texas, Arizona, or Florida.   We can ship all other non-tree items to these states.


We do not ship any items to the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, or to API/APO addresses, or to other countries at this time.


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Primo Size Trees: Tree height ranges from 18"-36" tall and the trees are grown in a 5"x5"x12" air pruning tree pot. Primo Size Citrus trees have been grown to maximize root development in order to meet the demand of our growers.  The goal with this product is to provide a top-quality tree that is branched nicely and well rooted in a container size that is economical to ship. Primo Size Citrus trees are pruned with intention to get you a beautifully developed canopy with proper branching starting at or above the 18” mark.



Growing Conditions

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Full Sun

Provide 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day.

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Rangpur Semi-Dwarf Lime trees can grow up to 10’-15’ when planted in the ground, but are easily kept smaller if grown in a container or with judicious pruning.

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Citrus trees (grown indoors or out) are self-fruitful and do not require pollination.

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Season when fruit typically ripens in California

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Hardy to 32 ºF

Protect when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.