PEST WIZARD - Mini Yellow Sticky Trap 5-Pak

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PEST WIZARD - Mini Yellow Sticky trap 5-Pak 

MessyLess Adhesive™ high capture yellow traps in a convenient smaller size.  Five traps. Extreme weather resistant.  Bio-degradable.  Non-toxic.  Deploy outside or indoors.


The Mini Yellow Sticky Trap kills Thrips, Whitefly, Aphids, Fruit Flies, Nut Flies, Maggot Flies, Soil Gnats, Stink Bugs, Flea Beetles, Psyllids & More.


  • Each trap Measures 3.5" x 5"
  • Traps are double-sided and come with dual wire hangers.
  • No Pesticide
  • Organic Friendly


How The Trap Works: Pest Wizard spectrographically accurate MINI yellow card traps, coated on both sides with MessyLess Adhesive, are visually attractive to many species of insects belonging to the general pest families listed above. When these insects land on the trap, they can no longer mate, lay eggs, or damage the plants in your yard or garden. As a result, fewer larvae offspring are produced which may make it possible to reduce or eliminate insecticide use.


Deployment: Hang traps from a tree branch, a garden stake placed near plants, a line strung above rows, directly on shrubs or a fence or trellis.



  • NOT A TOY: Keep MessyLess Adhesive Trap out of reach of children.
  • Keep MessyLesss Adhesive Trap AWAY FORM EYES AND HAIR. Adhesive could stick to eyelashes and hair and pull the lashes or hair out.
  • RESULTS MAY VARY due to seasonal changes, insect pest population variations, natural predator populations, correct trap installation, proper lure storage and weather extremes, disruption, damage and/or contamination due to chemical sprays, pets, children, sprinklers, or other unforeseeable events.


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  • Each trap Measures 3.5" x 5"