Orange Gift Box

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The Orange Gift Box Includes:

  • Blood Orange & Cardamom Soap by Three Sisters Apothacary
  • Blood Orange Marmalade by Josephine's Feast
  • Orange Cotton Dish Towel by Rigel Stuhmiller
  • Valencia Orange & Grapefruit Coconut Wax Candle by Pure Plant Home


The gift boxes are heavy duty 9x11" white cardboard mailers lovingly packed with crinkle paper. Any breakable items will be securely wrapped to prevent breakage.  The gift box is tied with twine and securely packed inside a shipping box. Each gift box is shipped individually. 



  • Blood Orange & Cardamom Soap by Three Sisters ApothacaryExotic Blood Orange combines with spicy and sweet Cardamom, to create an exotic, fragrant and nurturing bar. Blood Oranges, harvested since the 18th century in the sultry Mediterranean are a true gift. The distinctive crimson color of the flesh is due to its antioxidant rich nature which addresses free radical damage. Cardamom, a native of India was introduced to the West by Alexander the Great and is considered an aphrodisiac, natural antiseptic and antioxidant, supporting skin health.


  • Blood Orange Marmalade by Josephine's Feast- Thick Cut Blood Orange Marmalade is 2020 Dalemain World Marmlade Award Winner! Josephine’s Feast is an Award Winning Collection of Handcrafted Offerings in the tradition of a European Confiture. We select our fruits from family owned farms and custom blend spices to reflect the flavors of the season. Made by hand in limited small batch quantities. Our preserves, sauces and rubs reflect both the taste of the season and art of the confiseur. Thick Cut Blood Orange Marmalade is made with responsibly grown blood oranges from family owned farms. A feast for the eye and delicious on the tongue this marmalde is equally delicious for breakfast or as a condiment with cheese. the color alone brightens any day.


  • Orange Cotton Dish Towel by Rigel StuhmillerSuper absorbent 100% cotton dish towel. Screenprinted on bottom middle quadrant. Color lasts when washed. Sized approx 30" x 30" (size may vary slightly). Cloth finished and printed in the USA.


  • Valencia Orange & Grapefruit Coconut Wax Candle by Pure Plant HomeOur exclusive vegan coconut wax blend and real essential oil aromas cold pressed from citrus fruits. Revitalizing Orange calms the senses while refreshing Grapefruit creates a sense of optimism. Unbleached cotton wicks, no synthetic fragrances, no petrochemicals.


    Soap Cauldron is the home of the Three Sisters Apothecary a line of artisan soaps and skincare handcrafted in small batches in the centuries-old tradition with gourmet oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals. The art of alchemy best describes how we select ingredients directly from nature and transform them into nourishing and gentle products to cleanse and pamper the skin. Located in Northern California, we are family owned and operated. @soapapothacary


    Josephine's Feast is an Award Winning Collection of Seasonal Preserves that are Made by Hand . The collection is made in limited quantities by the traditional method confuture. Our small batch production offers an unmatched taste and texture in the market today. We work directly with local farms and our Forager to insure the best possible ingredients. Not only will you recognize the quality of our preserves but Oprah as chosen Josephine's Feast Four times for her Favorite Things List along with Three editorials in the New York Times.


    Rigel Stuhmiller- I am a printmaker and illustrator living in California's beautiful Bay Area. In my work I try to capture the beauty, curiosity, and wonder I see in the world. A healthy community is important to me. I donate 5 cents of every item sold to the Alameda County Community Food Bank and have raised over 20,000 meals. Most paper products are printed on 100% recycled paper and are printed locally. @rigel.stuhmiller


    Pure Plant Home- Our truly handmade with love and care, vegan candles are hand-poured using our exclusive blend of coconut vegetable wax and real essential oils. There are no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, artificial dyes or colorants in any of our candles. Our intention is for positive energy, enhanced well-being, good health, happiness and longevity.