5 Gallon Root Guard Speed Basket, Bag of 2

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5-gallon Root Guard™ Speed Basket


Sold in bags of 2
Mesh diameter: 9.8"
Fits root ball diameter from 9.5" to 15"
Buried depth: 10"
Bag weight: 0.31lbs

Fits perfectly over any Premium Size tree, bush, or vine. It will also fit Entry Size tree with some extra soil in the basket.

The Speed Basket is made of knitted stainless steel mesh that is designed for mole and vole exclusion in addition to fending off gophers. The Speed Basket, as its name implies, is made for fast and efficient planting, yet it still helps protect your plants from burrowing animals for a few years. The material is soft and easy to work with, so no gloves are needed.

  • Knitted Stainless Steel Mesh is Easy on Hands
  • Convenient Centering Ring Speeds Installation
  • Above Ground Protection – Extra Length for Securing Basket to Stem/Trunk
  • Semi-Formed and Pre-Rolled for Speedy Installation
  • Easy Orientation – Green Mark Up / Tail Down

The Five-gallon size is great for fruit trees, vines, and bushes:

Citrus trees, Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes & Vines, Grapes, Olive Trees, Avocado Trees, Ornamental Trees, and Shrubs


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