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How Our Trees Look When Shipped

This image shows how our trees look at the time of shipping. Trees will come packaged in a 4X9(Entry) 5x12(Choice) or a #3(Premium) Gallon Container. We are no longer shipping bareroot.


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"I just wanted to let you know that I was very, very impressed with the quality and vigor of the Kieffer Lime I purchased from you. It came out of the box with great leaf color and quantity and has been putting on lots of new growth. Thank you!"

Bend, OR

Sweet Orange

Sweet oranges have been cultivated and enjoyed by people around the world for thousands of years. Varieties have been adapted to suit numerous climatic conditions and local taste preferences.

washington_naval_orangeWashington Navel Orangebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

California's famous winter-ripening variety. Sweet, seedless fruit ripens in ten months.

trovita_orangeTrovita Orangebest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Spring ripening. Good in many locations from coastal areas to desert. Few seeds, thin skinned fruit, heavy producer and excellent flavor.

cara_cara_orangeCara Cara (Pink) Navel Orange

Early-ripening Navel Orange with medium red colored flesh. Fruit has rich sweet flavor. Venezuelan introduction.

Lane Late Navel Orange

Spring/summer ripening seedless Navel Orange with fine, rich flavor. A Washington Navel hybrid developed in Australia. A new choice for oranges to peel and eat or juice in the summer.

Robertson Navel Orange

Bestselling winter-ripening variety. Early and heavy bearing. Cultivar of Washington Navel.

shamouti_orangeShamouti Orange (Jaffa/Palestine)

Fabled orange from Middle East. Very few seeds. Spring to summer ripening. Good Flavor.

valencia_orangeValencia Orange

Summer-ripening juice or eating orange. Fifteen months to ripen. Grow your own orange juice.

Midknight Valencia Orange

Another excellent summer juicing orange. Fruit holds well on the tree.

Newhall Orange

An early ripening variation of the Washington Navel
Orange. It is favored in desert and inland valleys.
Fruit is more oblong and brighter orange than Washington Navel.

Other orange varieties: