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How Our Trees Look When Shipped

This image shows how our trees look at the time of shipping. Trees will come packaged in a 4X9(Entry) 5x12(Choice) or a #3(Premium) Gallon Container. We are no longer shipping bareroot.


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Ordering was a Breeze!

“The ordering process was a breeze and the web site contained tons of helpful growing instructions. The tree arrived in great condition. It came in its own pot and the leaves were green and full of life.”

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Principal Lemon Varieties

While most people will prefer either the mild flavor of Meyer or the classic taste of Eureka, we also offer some unusual varieties for those who wish to experiment.

meyer_lemonImproved Meyer Lemonbest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

The gourmet lemon. "Improved" refers to the California state tested, virus-free clone, a collaborative discovery of Joe Grimshaw and Four Winds founder Floyd Dillon in the early 1950's. Very juicy; not as tart as Eureka. Prolific bearer nearly year-round; heaviest in winter. Mature fruit takes on a golden hue. Learn more. 

eureka_lemonEureka Lemon

Produces large crops of lemons annually. Bears all year. This is the common market variety lemon. Easy to espalier, and fewer thorns than other traditional lemons.

lisbon_lemonLisbon Lemon

Fruit quite similar to Eureka. Thornier, dense foliage. Ample year-round crop. Good producer in hot inland regions. Somewhat more resistant to cold than Eureka once established.

variegated_pink_lemonVariegated Pink Lemonbest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

Distinctive green and yellow variegated foliage. Lemons have pink flesh, clear juice and acidic lemon flavor. Fuchsia colored new growth and flower buds. Excellent landscape tree prized more for interesting variegated foliage than for fruit quality and quantity.

ponderosa_lemonPonderosa Lemon

Extra large fruit of this citron-lemon hybrid are a favorite among collectors of novelty citrus. Fragrant blooms produce gigantic lemons with many seeds. Tree tends to be thorny and rangy with an open habit. Needs pruning to control shape.

yenben lemonYen Ben Lemon

Similar to Lisbon, this variety is the primary cultivar produced in New Zealand for the Japanese export market. It is smooth skinned with a thin rind and low numbers of seeds. Produces abundantly throughout the year with over 60% of harvestable fruit developing in winter. 

Other lemon varieties: