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Grapefruits and Pummelos develop the best tasting fruit in areas with warm summer temperatures. The exception is Oroblanco which sweetens without summer heat. In areas with cooler climates, these types of citrus species often tend to have slightly thicker rinds.

oroblanco_grapefruitOroblanco Grapefruitbest_variety_for_indoor_growing_burst

In Israel, known as "Sweetie". Mid winter Oroblanco produces sweet seedless fruit even in areas of low summer heat. Huge, intensely fragrant flowers and attractive glossy foliage.

rio_red_varietyRio Red Grapefruit

Our favorite red-fleshed variety introduced from Texas.    Performs best in warm climates.  Fruit ripens in winter and often holds the tree into fall.  Wonderful for juice or eating fresh.          


star_ruby_grapefruitStar Ruby Grapefruit

Tart red fleshed grapefruit is widely grown in Texas and Arizona. We prefer Rio Red because its foliage doesn't get yellow mottling, but some people request Star Ruby because of the name recognition. 

chandler_pummelo_grapefruitChandler Pummelo

A vigorous large leafed tree with open growth habit. Produces large pink-fleshed fruit which are somewhat larger than standard grapefruit. Heavy producing in the right location, provided sufficient summer heat and frost protection. 

cocktail_grapefruit_varietyCocktail Grapefruit

Extremely sweet and juicy, this cross between Frua mandarin and pummelo produces delicious, succulent low acid fruit from November to February. 

Chinese Grapefruit

Actually a pummelo, this tree bears large fragrant blooms, followed by yellow pear-shaped fruit which are low in acidity. Height: 8-12 feet at maturity. 

melogold_grapefruit_varietyMelogold Grapefruit

Delicious yellow grapefruit/pummelo cross. Does well in    hot interior climates. Fruit holds on the tree better than Oroblanco, and has a thinner rind.