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Problem Solver: Multigrafted Trees

We have experimented with producing various combinations of grafted citrus and have had some success. However propagation of multi grafted citrus is very challenging, and there is always the tendency for one variety to outcompete the others when they are propagated in this way. Multi grafted citrus often end up as unbalanced specimens, with only one variety being strong. Rootstock/scion incompatibility issues also commonly occur, resulting in less than optimal fruit quality.

At Four Winds, we focus on the best combinations of rootstocks and fruiting wood, and have refined our methods for over 50 years. You can plant our trees in a closely spaced hedge and achieve the same effect with more control over the growth and type of each variety.

We have found that by potting two or three varieties together in a suitably sized container, or in the ground, pleasing results can be obtained, without sacrificing fruit quality. Of course, close spacing will increase competition for resources such as light, and this can result in smaller yields.

Overall we prefer the close spacing of individual trees to multi-grafting for optimal appearance, fruit quality and strength and longevity.