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Problem Solver: Attempting to Grow from Seed

Can I Grow Citrus from Seed?

Yes, you can, but if you are most interested in growing your own citrus fruits for home consumption, we suggest planting our grafted trees which are guaranteed true to type and come into bearing in a few years with good care.

A customer once shared this story: As a child he had planted a grapefruit seed. The resulting plant accompanied him, in a pot, throughout his life, and on his 65th birthday he harvested his first fruit.

If you have the patience, and wish to plant citrus seeds you will find them fairly easy to grow, but resultant tree and fruit quality may be disappointing.

Instead of growing from seed, we use grafted cuttings of well matched proven varieties - combinations that reach maturity and fruitfulness faster. We produce quality fruiting trees that are guaranteed true to type.