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Problem Solver: True Dwarf Citrus - What Are They?

Dwarf citrus are small trees that produce normal-sized fruit. Four Winds uses orchard-proven, fruit-producing varieties that are grafted on cultivar specific dwarfing rootstocks. Our premiere dwarf citrus are grafts, not self-rooted cuttings.

Dwarfing is achieved by using specific cultivar varieties. Plant experts rate trees by what they call their "F's":

  1. Functional: Compatible with today's outdoor and intimate garden living.
  2. Form: Grown in the ground, they create a highly productive tree averaging eight to ten feet. They are smaller when grown in a container.
  3. Four season: Year-round beauty.
  4. Foliage: Evergreen, very decorative.
  5. Flowers: Attractive.
  6. Fragrant: Producing rich and pleasant aromas.
  7. Fruit: Edible, colorful, and highly decorative.
  8. Flavorful: Good to eat or drink.