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Problem Solver: Ripening Time and Productivity

Once the trees are about 3 years old, they are mature enough to handle fruit production without impacting branch and foliage growth. Often younger trees will bloom in the spring; however, we recommend pinching the blooms off to let the tree develop branches, roots and leaves to better support fruit production later.

For lemons and limes, the time from bloom to edible fruit is generally 6-9 months. For winter oranges and other citrus, it is generally 12 months. Keep in mind that all citrus fruits only ripen on the tree. The best way to determine ripeness is to pick a fruit and sample it, since rind color can be an unreliable indicator. See our Citrus Variety Information Chart for specific information by variety.

Average Crop Yield
In appropriate climates, a mature Four Winds Dwarf Citrus tree planted in the ground can produce about 2/3 as much fruit as a full sized standard citrus tree in the ground. Some varieties "hold" fruit well on the tree for extended periods, while others need to be picked promptly, because fruit quality will deteriorate quickly after ripening.