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Problem Solver: Pruning Dwarf Citrus

Citrus may be pruned to any desired shape. Pruning is fine any time of year, except in the winter for outdoor trees. Pinching back tips of new growth is the best way to round out the trees without impacting future fruit.

Citrus will look fuller with occasional pruning to shape leggy branches. Very leggy branches indicate the need for more light.

Some trees may develop erratic juvenile growth above the graft. If so, prune for shape and balance. Any growth above the graft can eventually bear fruit.

Pruning to Optimize Fullness & Fruit Production
Any branch with fruit is putting its energy into fruit production. Prune the other branches now, make the pruning cut just above a leaf without leaving a stub. If you take off more than 1/3 of the length, the tree will make multiple branches at the pruning cut, thereby making the tree more full.

Pruning Container-Grown Trees
Pinch new growth when small to keep the tree in bounds for optimal container growing. The degree of pruning will depend on the desired size of the tree.