Here are just a few examples to illustrate Yuzu’s importance. The zest and juice are essential ingredients in Japanese Ponzu sauce, as well as important components in some miso soup recipes and chawanmushi (an egg custard dish). Yuzu-cha (Yuja cha in Korea) is a syrupy marmalade-like concoction which, stirred into hot water, makes a warming tonic tea to ward off winter chills. At midwinter (Toji, or Winter Solstice) Yuzu fruits are the preferred fruit to float in one’s ceremonial bath to encourage good health in the New Year. The wood of the Yuzu tree is also valued by crafters of the traditional Korean oboe, the taepyeongso. Yuzu wood remains the preferred material for making the main body of the instrument.

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Gold Nugget Mandarin
Citrus reticulata ‘Gold Nugget’

The Gold Nugget Mandarin is a richly flavored mandarin, seedless and easy to peel. It is so named for its golden color and its pebbly skin. Gold Nugget’s most outstanding feature may be its long harvest period. Gold Nugget Mandarins provide the classic sweet/tart taste of mandarin orange for months longer than other varieties. Fruit holds on the tree from spring (February-March) through the summer (June-August). All these attributes make Gold Nugget Mandarin our favorite new mandarin!

Photo by MH Seeger, © Four Winds Growers

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Australian Finger Lime
Microcitrus australasica

The Australian Finger Lime is actually an understory tree native to the rainforests of Northern New South Wales, and Queensland, Australia. The tree is thorny, with small leaves and a delicate habit that belies its toughness in the landscape. The petite, elongated fruits ripen in fall or winter in California, and have a flavor reminiscent of true limes. The fruit is sometimes referred to as “citrus caviar” because the small round interior vesicles pop in your mouth with tart lime flavor. Chefs the world over are finding creative uses for Australian Finger Limes, which add unique texture and a special “zing” to dishes.

Photo by Chris Limacher. © Four Winds Growers

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