Four Winds Growing Background

5 Reasons To Grow A Pomegranate Tree-Four Winds Growing

The Pomegranate tree is one of the earliest cultivated trees in history. Ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform records mention the pomegranate as early as 4,000 years...

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5 Reasons To Grow A Pomegranate Tree

How to Transition Citrus Trees Outdoors in the Spring-Four Winds Growing
You have been caring for your citrus trees indoors all winter and are wondering what the next steps are to move your tree outdoors for...
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How to Transition Citrus Trees Outdoors in the Spring

Our Response and Strategy Plan for COVID-19-Four Winds Growing

Dear Friends,


     Spring is an important and exciting time for growers, home gardeners and farmers alike as we all prepare for the...

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Our Response and Strategy Plan for COVID


Customer Support FAQ's-Four Winds Growing

Here are some answers to commonly asked customer support questions.


Can I pick up my trees?

No, we are a wholesale and mail order...

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Customer Support FAQ's

8 Great Kumquat Varieties-Four Winds Growing

Kumquats are a native Chinese citrus known for their tart-sweet flavor and small, adorable size. This cold hardy variety is ideal for cooler climates and, when...

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8 Great Kumquat Varieties

A Guide to Fall Planting-Four Winds Growing

     The window for fall planting is usually September to October, and ends about six weeks before the hard frost hits. For those who...

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A Guide to Fall Planting

All About Mandarins-Four Winds Growing

"All tangerines are mandarins, but not all mandarins are tangerines" Aaron explained to me one day, after I called a bag of Cuties a "bag of tangerines".

"Really? Tell me more." My interest was piqued.

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All About Mandarins

5 Reasons to Grow an Olive Tree-Four Winds Growing
We love olive trees because of their delicate and simple beauty. As houseplants and gardening become more popular, so does the search for easy- to-grow, attractive trees to add to interior home design or outdoor landscape. 
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5 Reasons to Grow an Olive Tree

How to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees!-Four Winds Growing
Growing Bare Root fruit trees is a great way to jump ahead and get started with a more mature fruit tree. Here is a step by step guide on how to receive, plant and water your new Bare root Fruit Tree. Learn more on how to plant a bare root fruit tree here.
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How to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees!

Growing a Lemon Tree-Four Winds Growing
Tips for caring for your lemon tree.
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Growing a Lemon Tree

Choosing the Right Lemon Tree-Four Winds Growing
Eureka, Lisbon, Improved Meyer, Santa Teresa... There are so many varieties available to grow yourself, how do you choose? 
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Choosing the Right Lemon Tree

Overwintering your Citrus Trees-Four Winds Growing

Now that winter is approaching, we must think about helping our trees transition  into winter. This is also called overwintering.


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Overwintering your Citrus Trees