Four Winds Growing Background

All About Jujubes-Four Winds Growing


The Jujube fruit goes by many names, including Indian Plum, Chinese Date, Chinese Olive, Red Date, Coolie Plum, Indian Jujube, and Malay...

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All About Jujubes

Growing Citrus Indoors-Four Winds Growing

Whether you are simply looking for an exciting new challenge or this is your only option, growing citrus indoors is one of the most rewarding...

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Growing Citrus Indoors

What fruit trees can I grow in New York?-Four Winds Growing

So you want to grow fruit trees in New York but aren't sure what will grow well. Look no further, today we will go over some of our...

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What fruit trees can I grow in New York?

Growing Olive Trees at Home-Four Winds Growing

Growing Olive Trees at Home


The Olive tree has been a favorite for home growers for millennia. If people thousands of years ago could...

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Growing Olive Trees at Home

Growing Blueberries-Four Winds Growing

How to Grow Blueberries 101


Growing Blueberries is easier than ever. Learn how to keep your new blueberry plant happy and healthy so you...

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Growing Blueberries

FAQ's: Citrus Tree Edition-Four Winds Growing

Your Citrus Tree Questions Answered:
When to fertilize citrus trees: A  monthly dose of our Romeo Fertilizer or composted...
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FAQ's: Citrus Tree Edition

Citrus Tree Transplanting Guide-Four Winds Growing

Transplanting our entry-level or premium citrus trees into bigger pots or containers is a simple process. The compact sizes fit well in a variety of pots...

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Citrus Tree Transplanting Guide

Introducing Lee x Nova Mandarin-Four Winds Growing

The sweet, seedless, and easy to peel mandarin everyone needs to know about!


While the Lee x Nova Mandarin is by no means a...

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Introducing Lee x Nova Mandarin

Let's Talk Avocado Trees-Four Winds Growing

Selection: Growing a Fruit Bearing Avocado from a Seed vs. Grafting

Many of us have tried to grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit. A...

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Let's Talk Avocado Trees

FAQ's: Fig Tree Edition-Four Winds Growing

A Brief History:

The fig tree is believed to be one of the first plants propagated and farmed in the middle east. Due to their...

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FAQ's: Fig Tree Edition

An Update on your 2020 Winter Hold Order-Four Winds Growing
If you live in a state outside of California, Oregon or Washington, your order is a WINTER HOLD.
Now that spring is...
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An Update on your 2020 Winter Hold Order

5 Reasons To Grow A Pomegranate Tree-Four Winds Growing

The Pomegranate tree is one of the earliest cultivated trees in history. Ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform records mention the pomegranate as early as 4,000 years...

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5 Reasons To Grow A Pomegranate Tree