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Four Winds

This is a tri-fold color brochure that shows photos of some popular varieties on one side and has more variety information on the back pdf_icon_small »

This is the handout that is widely distributed in California nurseries with our many varieties and basic care information pdf_icon_small »

This is the brochure that accompanies our trees sent with orders placed at fourwindsgrowers.compdf_icon_small »

This is a brief historical review of our Founder’s vision and how Four Winds got startedpdf_icon_small »

Citrus Growing Tips

This is a paper from the University of Florida about citrus pollinationpdf_icon_small »

Here are recipes for making your own spray solution to help control scales and ant pestspdf_icon_small »

This guide on espaliering citrus was produced in the early days, and the information is just as useful todaypdf_icon_small »

This article discusses the use of a systemic pesticide on citruspdf_icon_small »